Raft Connectors are simple, quick to install, and an effective way to control the acoustic environment of your building.


While they can be flexible and creatively adaptive, Rafts are typically installed on the face of assembly elements such as slabs and plank decking or mounted on the sides of framing elements inside stud, joist, and rafter bays.

Rafts are designed to work in concert with furring strips. Once Rafts have been attached to the superstructure, furring strips then connect the Rafts to each other prior to the installation of the finish wall surface, typically gypsum panels.

The Rafts consist of three elements, a wide ‘structure mount’ that extends on either side beyond the silicone core, the vibration attenuating silicone core, and the ‘furring mount’ block located squarely above the silicone.

Install Rafts in a grid pattern as shown herein using a minimum of four connectors arranged in a square or rectangular pattern.

Click to download the full HushFrame Raft Connector User and Installation Guide. 


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