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HushFrame: Soundproofing Always Made in the USA

Updated: May 2, 2023

Soundproofing is a critical step in construction meant to house large numbers of people at a time, such as hotels, apartment buildings, and offices. Builders are always looking for the best soundproofing materials to achieve the highest sound transmission class (STC) and impact isolation class (IIC) ratings, which are used to determine noise isolation products' effectiveness. However, simply focusing on noise reducing materials reflects a misunderstanding of effective soundproofing. The best way to soundproof a room is to find a way to minimize vibrations moving through the structure, and that is exactly why we developed the HushFrame acoustic decoupling device.

American-Made Sound Decoupling Device

The HushFrame raft connectors we produce are a unique product built with sound-deadening materials and are made in the USA. Buildings that have been stuffed with dense soundproofing acoustic foam and large soundproofing panels have the potential to achieve the required level of sound deadening; however, this is done at a high cost and requires a lengthy installation process. Our American-made sound decoupling device is small, easy to install, and produces desired results with ratings high in both STC and IIC.

Besides being a quality noise reduction product created with the best-made soundproofing materials, the entire front-to-back manufacturing process that HushFrame executes is carried out in the USA. This provides jobs to hardworking Americans and contributes to the nation’s economy. Construction workers that choose to use HushFrame devices will not only benefit from a reliable product; they’ll also be investing in American-made soundproofing goods.

Given the effectiveness and affordability of locally-based HushFrame, it’s no surprise that we’ve earned a reputation for being the best soundproofing company available. There was a time when HushFrame was merely a dream in the works by Alan and Suzanne Sobol Case, owners of HushFrame, and Micah Logan, CEO of the company. All three hoped to accomplish the goal of creating a company that would contribute to the country by making every building a refuge from a noisy world. Once the initial idea of HushFrame was born, their combined time, resources, and efforts helped build the soundproofing company we operate today.

From a small concept formed in a garage to a completely finished product on the market, the journey has been long but rewarding. Every step has contributed to creating the best way to soundproof a room on the market. To learn more about HushFrame’s unique design and how it works, as well as the people behind it, learn more here.

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