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Where to Buy Hushframe Products

Though many companies provide soundproofing devices, most fail to reduce enough noise or meet building code requirements. Even the most expensive products may not provide the level of noise reduction required to effectively soundproof walls and ceilings. At Hushframe, we identified these issues and created an inexpensive solution that works.

Wondering where to buy our products? Here’s everything you need to know about Hushframe and our distributors.

First, a Little About Hushframe Products

Hushframe rafts are soundproofing decoupling devices that attach to the side of joists and studs, trapping noise between walls, ceilings, and floors. Because sound travels through rigid materials like metal and wood, decoupling the walls with our rafts dissipates the sound waves and significantly reduces noise. They’re perfect for ceiling soundproofing between floors.

This product is excellent for multi-living units, as sound travel can be mitigated in any direction. Hushframe can achieve 80% noise reduction and a 66 STC rating with only the loss of one inch of floor space or ceiling height. This product is also effective for soundproofing exterior walls.

Hushframe Distributors

Hushframe is an innovative soundproofing company that offers soundproofing methods that are more effective than others on the market. With such a reputable name, our soundproofing experts reached out to many distributors across the US and Canada. It is unsurprising that so many have chosen to support and sell our product! All the distributors listed below can aid you in purchasing Hushframe units, especially for small-scale builds:


For questions about our distributors and products, contact Hushframe today!

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