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Why It Works

HushFrame is an inexpensive and novel decoupling alternative to a whole bunch of costly sound proofing products and techniques. This 2-minute video explains why HushFrame is the superior choice for your building project.  

Why HushFrame Soundproofing Works?

Vi-Bridge™ Technology


Noise is a vibrational energy that travels in waves.

Those waves collide with the surface of either the wall or floor/ceiling.


The sound waves travel very efficiently through rigid materials (metal and wood). So, when noise collides it makes a line connection from the wall, through the stud/joist, into the opposite wall. 


HushFrame kills the transfer by decoupling the wall or floor/ceiling assembly and provides a patented pathway for sound waves to travel and die. 

How to Install HushFrame


Case Study
Blind Pass Condos

Blind Pass.png

When Hurricane Ian pummeled Sanibel Island in 2022, the Blind Pass Condominiums on the west end sustained extensive damage from 6-foot ground floor flood waters in all buildings. As plans progressed to rehab the complex, the Blind Pass Condos Board of Directors seized the opportunity to improve their circa 1970’s buildings. On every homeowner’s wish list? QUIETER SPACES.  The old floor/ceiling and wood-framed construction provided no acoustic privacy.


ENTER HUSHFRAME. Contacted by the Blind Pass Condo Board and their contractor, Ron Bartomolucci of Barti Construction, we engaged in multiple interviews around our product and SOUNDPROOFING SOLUTION. There were extensive discussions about HushFrame’s applicability for this project, its acoustical performance in the old wood-truss floors and installation specifications before Barti decided to deploy HushFrame with Vi-Bridge technology. 


Barti achieved KNOCKOUT ACOUSTICAL PERFORMANCE using HushFrame raft connectors in the rebuilt floor/ceiling assemblies. According to Ron: “We were nervous because although we understood the science, HushFrame was a new technology, and if it didn’t work, we would be crucified. After we finished the first building and approached the sound test, we held our breath. During the sound test, we stomped around, and there was remarkable impact noise

reduction—nothing like it was before we renovated the units. We also ran a hammer drill in the unit, and you could barely hear it in the adjacent units. It was SOFTER THAN A WHISPER. I mean, you had to really concentrate to hear it.”


THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. The most important test was with the condo owners themselves. According to Ron, “We invited the condo owners in to test it, and they turned the TV up so loud we could barely be in the room with it; we then went to the next unit, and you couldn’t hear this at all. The HOMEOWNERS did a few tests themselves and after realizing how quiet their newly renovated units were with the installation of HushFrame they were SUPER EXCITED.” The results were a home run for the team: Barti, the Blind Pass Condos, and HushFrame.


Find out how your project could benefit from installing HushFrame. Contact us today to get HushFrame spec’d into your plans.

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