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HushFrame’s Innovative Solution to Soundproofing Walls

When constructing multi-unit residential buildings, soundproofing interior walls must be a priority. Not only does simple soundproofing help prevent annoyances such as sound pollution, but it also avoids private information from being shared with a neighbor. If you have ever lived in a noisy multi-unit building, you can certainly agree that soundproofing walls are necessary for much-needed privacy. And building codes actually require that you do this.


One of the most misunderstood wall soundproofing techniques involve the purchase of sound-absorbing material, typically dense insulation to fill the stud bay cavities. Depending on the material’s properties it can offer a very small benefit at best. To effectively soundproof walls, professional builders need to decouple the wall assemblies, where the drywall finish is held away from the stud faces. HushFrame Raft connectors are the most effective decoupling device on the market--particularly useful for wood-framed multi-unit residential structures.


HushFrame spends a lot of quality time in the acoustical testing laboratory where we have learned that we’re the best. We outperform every soundproofing product in walls.  No need for expensive specialty cavity insulation, no need for expensive specialty composite gypsum panels, just install HushFrame Raft connectors and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Your Guide to Soundproofing Walls

Noise is unwanted sound, and sound is simply vibration energy that travels in waves. When you hear noise coming from your neighbor’s apartment, you hear sound waves that have passed through the wall framing studs from their drywall to yours. This is the key to understanding why HushFrame works.


HushFrame is a soundproofing device that stops sound from traveling by decoupling the wall altogether. It serves as a barrier, keeping the sheets of drywall and studs apart. When someone makes a noise in one unit, the sound waves must pass through the HushFrame Raft connectors inside the wall to travel from one side to the other.


The Raft connectors contain a silicone core, soft enough for sound waves to bog down and dissipate without causing any further disruptions. Thus, the waves cannot complete their path and deliver unwanted noise to the adjacent unit. When installed inside the walls and floors of large-scale residential buildings, HushFrame can reduce noise pollution by up to 80%.

Not only is HushFrame an extremely effective soundproofing solution, but it also provides several other benefits for builders tackling multi-unit residential construction. HushFrame sound decoupling devices are small, they are conveniently affordable and easy to install. HushFrame Raft connectors are made from wood, making them environmentally responsible. These noise reduction devices are compatible with both metal hat channel and wood furring. When installed with wood furring, they are robust enough to allow the additional attachment of shelving or cabinetry, which is not an option for devices utilizing only metal furring channel.

Use HushFrame For Your Next Multi-Unit Project


Our priority is to ensure that builders have access to the best way to soundproof a wall. If you are interested in learning more about incorporating HushFrame decoupling sound devices into your next project, start by filling out our online form telling us a little information about the build. Once you submit it, we will have a sound reduction expert reach out within 24 hours.


If you have any other questions about HushFrame, contact us today!

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