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How HushFrame Works for Soundproofing Ceilings

Noise cancellation is essential in living and work spaces--especially in multi-unit buildings. One of the first things that tenants consider when looking at potential rental homes or office spaces is their ability to hear the neighbors. While many buildings focus on wall to wall soundproofing, floor/ceiling insulation is equally important. For developers and owners of multi-unit buildings, ceiling soundproofing is one of the best ways to create an environment in which your renters are happy to stay for years to come. And it is probably required by law.


While many noise reduction products on the market focus on dense cavity insulation or sheets of material to mitigate noise travel, these products still allow transmission of sound waves. Luckily, there is an effective and economical option. When it comes to soundproofing a ceiling, no product uses more up-to-date soundproofing technology than HushFrame Raft connector decoupling devices.

How HushFrame Blocks Sound Waves in Ceilings

Noise is vibration energy that travels in waves from one space to another. One of the best tips to soundproof a ceiling is to understand this basic concept. Every ceiling soundproofing strategy’s challenge is to stop these vibrations from moving between the floor above and the ceiling below.


Like in walls where HushFrame Rafts are attached to the sides of studs followed by wood furring or metal hat channel before drywall is installed, the process for ceiling installation is similar. The HushFrame Rafts are attached to the sides of ceiling joists before furring and drywall. And just like with walls, the noise vibration energy is directed into the soft silicone cores of the Rafts where it bogs down and dissipates as a small measure of heat.

Why Using HushFrame in Your Building Project Is So Important


While having a soundproofing strategy for your property’s ceiling is vital to tenant happiness and lease longevity, the effectiveness of the noise reduction products are paramount. Traditional methods are not nearly as effective as HushFrame, where decoupling offers the best ceiling soundproofing available on the market.


Using modern technology and basic science to our advantage, we’ve produced a product that will truly make a difference in your buildings. Our products are economical and straightforward, saving you thousands on insulation and construction time. So, if you find yourself asking, “What do I need to soundproof a ceiling?” The answer is simply HushFrame

With HushFrame installed in a typical 12” deep wood-truss floor/ceiling assembly with R-19 batt insulation, you can enjoy an STC 61, IIC 56, and one-hour UL fire resistance rating in the least expensive and least restrictive floor/ceiling design, UL M548.


Use HushFrame For Your Next Multi-Unit Project


If you’ve been looking at how to soundproof a ceiling in your multi-unit apartment building or business, your research should end with HushFrame. Our devices are the most effective sound deadening products on the market as our patented technology allows us to provide a simple and effective solution to eliminate unwanted sounds.


With HushFrame, neighbors can enjoy lively gatherings and early bedtimes simultaneously, without any noise complaints. Contact us today to learn more!

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