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Make every home and office a refuge from a noisy world.

Our Mission

HushFrame is committed to helping the construction industry create
quiet spaces in a noisy world and improving the quality of peoples' lives—building by building. 


Having been in the Entertainment and recording industry for 35 years, I've never seen a sound isolating product like HushFrame.  HushFrame is so simple and elegant that I immediately recognized its extraordinary benefit in the studio recording space.  I fell in love with what HushFrame can do and I knew that it was something that I wanted to be a part of.  I work with some of the worlds best musical producers and have designed some of the worlds best recording studios.  After speaking with the HushFrame team I decided to engage them to license Hushframe technology and create a brand of HushFrame isolators called "studio float IsoRafts".  Overnight the music recording industry has changed and it's thanks to HushFrame.  I can't wait to pioneer the sound isolation market in the studio recording space.

Dave Malekpour • CEO 

Studio Float

Pro Audio Design

The HushFrame Raft is the only decoupling product we have added to our line in the last 10 years. This product's value over the competition was immediately clear. One of the hurdles in convincing contractors to use resilient clips with metal furring hat channel is the introduction of metal products on to their project and into their ceilings or walls. The Raft removes that initial resistance, allowing for a quicker and easier sale. All while providing the customer with a superior product, it is a win for both sides ultimately. Then on top of that, a distributor that keeps significant inventory and is always responsive with intelligent and measured answers. It is clear that we have found not just a great product, but a great partner moving forward with HushFrame.



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