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HushFrame’s Effective Solution to Soundproofing Floors

If you have ever lived in a multi-unit building, you know that soundproofing is crucial for much-needed privacy. The best way to reduce noise traveling through wood-framed floors is to decouple the ceiling below to limit sound vibration from passing through. Builders mistakenly believe they can achieve noise control in floors separating dwellings by simply stuffing the joist bays with dense insulation material to stop the noise from moving from one side to the other. This strategy will offer a small improvement but not nearly enough to obtain the code required minimum sound isolation, not to mention an attempt to provide acoustic privacy for the occupants. However, there is a way to achieve these goals with HushFrame, and regardless of the floor assembly composition, HushFrame offers the simplest, least expensive, and most effective solution for soundproofing and noise control.
Let’s take a closer look into how HushFrame stops noise from traveling by soundproofing floors:

Your Guide to Soundproofing Floors

Sound is vibration energy that travels in waves and noise is defined as unwanted sound.  With floor/ceiling construction, a small part of the sound is airborne and travels through the cavities between the floor joists.  This is known as “air spring” and when you install soft insulation material in the joist bay cavities, the air spring is defeated and the majority of the sound and noise energy travels through superstructure in a straight line through the flooring materials, the joists, and then out through the ceiling below.
Many builders mistakenly believe that stuffing very dense insulation materials into the joist bay cavities will stop the noise but often the very opposite happens.  The very dense insulation material when pressed against the bottom of the floor above and the back of the ceiling below actually creates a “bridge” which helps the noise move across the cavity. Think of banging on a drum. 
The solution for soundproofing these floors is to decouple the ceiling from the superstructure and HushFrame is the answer that you’re looking for. HushFrame, utilizing Vi-Bridge™ Technology is attached directly to the sides of floor joists to successfully decouple the ceiling and prevent sound vibrations from traveling through the assembly by way of joists.

By installing unfaced fiberglass batt insulation in the joist bay cavities, you can defeat the air spring. More importantly installation of  HushFrame decoupling devices, controls and eliminates sound waves as soon as they hit the superstructure.
The HushFrame solution is the best soundproofing for floors product in the industry. Our floor/ceiling decoupling devices are easier to install, cost less, and are more effective at making floor/ceilings quieter than other sound isolation products or strategies. If you are building a home, apartment, business complex, or any multi-unit structure, it is essential to reduce noise from traveling from one unit to another via the floor/ceiling. Extensive acoustic lab testing demonstrates that HushFrame leads the industry in performance. HushFrame raft connectors out-test the competition every time, far exceeding the required STC and IIC ratings of 50.
A simple soundproofing technique like HushFrame can ensure the noise created by footsteps, moving furniture, loud music, and other unwanted sounds are prevented from traveling through the floor/ceiling assemblies and into the unit above or below.


HushFrame accommodates the attachment of metal hat channel AND HushFrame is the only decoupling device that also works with wood furring, the preferred choice for most carpenters building wood-framed structures. HushFrame technology stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to soundproofing floors/ceilings


Use HushFrame For Your Next Project

Simply put, HushFrame knows how to soundproof floor/ceilings and effectively minimize noise disturbances traveling between levels. Our simple yet innovative sound deadening products are trusted by carpenters and contractors across the country who understand the importance of using quality products to produce top-notch results. Contact the sound reduction specialists to learn how HushFrame decoupling devices can be used in your next project.

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