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We are the manufacturers of HushFrame rafts, simple soundproofing decoupling devices which leverage Vi-Bridge™ technology to deliver high performance results for builders. For decades, builders have defaulted to soundproofing techniques and products that offer mediocre results. Enter HushFrame—a fresh and innovative noise solution.

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The Challenge of Noise Control 

When developing multi-unit housing or building out commercial spaces, owners still receive noise complaints despite best efforts and costs to prevent unwanted noise. 

Other Sound Control Problems Include

  • High cost of materials used for sound control (gypcrete, etc.)

  • Failure of current sound control techniques and products to achieve building code requirements  

The Sound Absorbing Solution

Hushframe. A simple sound decoupling device with dramatic results.

HushFrame rafts simply attach to the side of studs and joists, followed by wood furring or metal hat channel and then drywall. Noise trying to get through the wall or floor is directed into the silicone core where the vibration friction converts the sound energy into a small measure of heat killing the noise.

With HushFrame it is possible to achieve:




STC Rating​
(on 2x6 wall)

Noise Reduction

ONLY loss of floor space or ceiling height (includes furring)

Keep sound in its place, not yours
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