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How HushFrame Works With Wood Furring

If you are interested in soundproofing on a new building project, you should know there are many strategies to choose from including: Mass (adding mass with mats, tiles, wallboard, etc.), Absorption (adding insulation, etc.), Sealing (adding gaskets, putty pads) and Decoupling (separating the assembly into two parts). Decoupling is the most effective of these soundproofing approaches and our soundproofing company is unique in that it is the only and best decoupling solution that works with wood furring. This makes it an ideal choice for builders seeking easy-to-install soundproofing solutions for wood framed buildings. 

What Is Wood Furring?

Wood furring is already a mainstay of the home construction industry and HushFrame has accommodated the use of wood furring with our top soundproofing system. Wood furring is thin strips of wood, typically 1x2 or 1x3, that are designed for level surfaces in spaces with odd dimensions. Wood furring is a simple yet incredibly effective sound absorbing material choice that works with the HushFrame soundproofing system. 

Furring strips attach to walls, ceilings, and floors to ensure proper alignment of the finished materials applied to these surfaces. They help drywall sheets hang correctly, fill in gaps for even subfloor installation, and provide a solid framework for the HushFrame soundproofing system. 

What are Drywall Furring Channels?

Drywall furring channels are thin, hat-shaped metal strips that attach to frames. They are commonly used as a framework for the best soundproofing options, including sound isolation clips and HushFrame rafts. While this is a commonly chosen option for soundproofing, drywall furring channels are finicky during installation and not as flexible as wood furring. Choosing drywall furring channels that are even slightly larger or smaller than necessary will lead to construction issues. 

HushFrame with Wood Furring Makes Builders’ Jobs Easier

The HushFrame soundproofing system is straightforward in design yet incredibly effective in application. It also makes builders’ jobs easier because it accommodates the use of wood furring strips, which are easy to cut, customize, and fit into place. Unlike bulkier, more complicated frameworks for the mounting of acoustical material, wood furring is easy to work into an existing design plan. 

Unlike more complex and less functional soundproofing options, our sound absorbing system is easy to include into your project plan. The HushFrame installation process, whether on wood furring or metal hat channel, decouples the wall or floor to ceiling assembly and creates a pathway in which soundwaves are converted to heat and dissipated.

Choose the Most Reliable Home Soundproofing Option

Whether you’re building a brand-new home, renovating your existing one, or looking for ways to upgrade your home office, HushFrame offers better soundproofing results. Unlike more complicated and expensive techniques, our simple soundproofing solution uses natural components and it’s easy to incorporate into an existing plan for seamless and reliable soundproofing. 

Contact us today to learn more about the wood furring and how our sound decoupling solutions could improve the comfort level of your living space.

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