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Effective Soundproofing Solutions for The Integrity of Space

Updated: May 2, 2023

Global urbanization is creating a growing density of people and spaces that is making it harder to maintain integrity of space. I did not coin this term—I first heard it used by a friend—but it is the principle around which HushFrame is built. To me it means that our workspace, school space, home space maintains its integrity--that we control the climate, the soundscape, the smells and the sights in our environments even when we are in close proximity to other people. I am a baby boomer and I like to listen to my music loud—but my neighbors would be less enthused to hear it! 

We all prefer integrity of space.

I think one of the reasons so many people like to drive in cars is that they provide us with integrity of space... We can adjust the seats and sun visors, listen to a chosen station/track/podcast, put on the air conditioning…we are in a cocoon as we drive. The car’s atmosphere (at least on the interior) is controlled by us. It is that level of control and safety in our environments (office, school, home) that lies at the heart of integrity of space--it leads to a stronger sense of well-being. Contrast this with the unease many of us feel hearing a screaming infant on an airplane.

HushFrame doesn’t solve for all of the challenges to integrity of space but it is a highly effective solution for integrity of sound in buildings—both wood-framed and metal-framed.

HushFrame helps silence the noise with high-quality soundproofing material. 

Learn how our simple construction solution stops noise transference and contact the soundproofing experts!

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