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The Physics of Sound

Updated: May 2, 2023

Energy is liberated matter. Matter is energy waiting to happen. Bill Bryson

I had to turn to the laws of physics to imagine a more effective way to defeat the transmission of noise in buildings. Sound is vibration. And the physics of vibration tell us that the waves need to be interrupted in order to be redirected or dissipated. So, while intuition suggests adding insulation, baffling or layers of materials to defeat noise—those ‘solutions’ do not stop vibration. 

Nothing happens until something moves.” Albert Einstein

The HushFrame sound deadening solution deploys a decoupling mechanism that separates (decouples) walls, floors and ceilings from the underlying superstructure. HushFrame rafts placed at regular intervals “float” the finish assembly surface off of the rigid superstructure and direct noise energy through HushFrame’s patented silicone cores where sound waves are stopped from traveling further.You can see how effective HushFrame is at stopping vibration in the test results and video from Riverbank Acoustic Laboratories. Contact HushFrame for your soundproofing needs today!

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